TT20 Bazic R

Simple design


  • Elliptical, steel sides
  • Low model, cold handle
  • Woodcomp. Can be equipped with a blind plate
  • Cast iron bottom and inner frame of the door
TT20Bazic R is simple design. The combustion chamber meets all the strict European requirements, and the combustion is incredibly easy to operate and control. The low-lying handle with convection cooling ensures that that you can always operate the oven without the use of a glove. In terms of price, the TT20Bazic R is in a class of its own and equipment in consideration. The size and performance of the stove is perfect for smaller rooms or in the cottage.

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TT20 Bazic R

Detaje teknike

Klasi i energjisë:



3.0 – 7.0 kW



Lartësia e derës:

682 mm

Gjerësia e derës:

402 mm

Lartësia totale:

956 mm

Gjerësia totale:

531 mm

Thellësia totale:

419 mm

Diametri i tubit:

150 mm


110 Kg

Prodhuar në: