Varia 1Vh H₂O XL

Flexibility and performance.


This water-bearing fireplace insert from the versatile Varia 1V series not only ensures particularly efficient use of energy, but also offers the option of the automatic opening through our S-ESAM electric mechanism thanks to the glass door that can be pushed up. Water-bearing fireplaces use the energy both to heat the installation room and to heat water, which becomes usable throughout the living space by feeding it into the heating system or can be used as hot water.

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Oxhakë Kaldajë

Varia 1Vh H₂O XL

Detaje teknike

Klasi i energjisë:



8.4 – 15.8 kW

Fuqia në ujë:

8.5 kW



Lartësia e derës:

513 mm

Gjerësia e derës:

745 mm

Gjerësia totale:

801 mm

Thellësia totale:

595 mm

Diametri i tubit:

200 mm

Hapja e derës

Me ngritje


290 Kg

Prodhuar në:


Use fireplace heat throughout the house to save energy and costs

Wood fireplaces are becoming more and more popular. Our modern systems not only give you warmth and cozy moments by the fire. They can do much more: innovative combustion technology allows them to make the best possible use of the heat from the fireplace. Water-bearing fireplaces in particular are currently attracting a lot of attention, because they score double points: on the one hand, they heat the room next to the fireplace, and on the other, they supply the energy for the central heating system. Water-bearing fireplaces are also characterized by particularly high energy efficiency. By making optimal use of the fuel, you not only save energy, but you also save on heating and hot water costs.
With our water-bearing fireplaces, the system is integrated into the house’s heating system. A fireplace generates heat which, depending on the type of system, reaches the living space mainly as radiant or convection heat. In water-bearing fireplaces, there is a so-called “heat exchanger” above the combustion chamber. This ensures that excess energy from the flue gas can be used and stored more efficiently. How does it work? The heating water flows “cold” through your home’s piping system into the heat exchanger, where it is heated by the energy from the fire. The heated water is transferred to a water tank, the buffer tank. There, the energy is stored and can be used through the heating piping system in remote rooms and, most importantly, also time-delayed, for example, to support the central heating system.

How a water-bearing fireplace works


Why an H2O fireplace from Spartherm?

Fireplace solutions for every living situation

We offer you different water-bearing fireplace solutions that perfectly fit your needs, e.g. water-bearing fireplace stoves in many shapes, sizes and surfaces. In addition to the practical all-in-one solutions, there are also water-bearing fireplace inserts that can be used to implement individual design wishes in stove construction. We also have water-bearing tiled stoves in our range. This means that the right water-bearing fireplace solution is available for all structural conditions, and there are no limits to creativity in fireplace design.
Since the foundation of our company in 1986, we have been constantly developing innovations in the field of combustion technology for wood-burning stoves. More than three decades of experience and know-how flow into our water-bearing stoves. The water-bearing appliances are characterized by a large number of innovative elements, which together offer high efficiency and technical refinements. In addition to the high efficiency, our customers particularly appreciate the excellent workmanship of our appliances.

What makes Spartherm water-bearing fireplaces special?