Hetta Wood 150

The Round Fire Party


  • Durability
  • Beauty
  • Utility
The Hetta Round fire pit is our most refined model. Its construction is durable, functional, and beautiful. It will fill your garden with warmth and family gatherings will never again be without a fire.

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Outdoor Collection

Hetta Wood 150

Detaje teknike


147 cm


41 cm

Trashësi veshjeje:

4mm, 8mm

Diametri i vatrës:

90 cm


135 Kg

Prodhuar në:


available accessories

Equip your hearth with additional accessories for even more comfort


A designer grate made of the highest quality materials (5 mm stainless steel with titanium additive) guaranteeing shape retention even with the largest flame.


Made from thick steel, the fire suppression covers further protect the fireboxes when you are not using the fireplace.


It provides additional protection in the winter season or when the fireplace is not in use for a long time.

Available metals

Black inox

High-quality structural steel (S355), extremely resistant to damage and temperature. Additionally reinforced with thermal and base paints of high hardness.

Steel corten

A combination of steel and copper patented by the German company Ruukki. It does not require impregnation – under the influence of weather conditions it is covered with a protective layer of rusty-copper patina.

Aluminum & Inox

Combination of anodized aluminum and stainless steel. Treatment using electric current impulses provides durability and a unique appearance, characteristic of e.g. for Apple products.


Pure stainless steel, as durable and weatherproof as possible. It does not require additional protection, remaining intact throughout its lifetime.