Cassette 400/600 LED

Maximum effect - zero restrictions


  • Easy-to-fill water tank
  • Extremely realistic
  • Flame intensity regulation
  • Crackling logs sound effects
The Cassette 400/600 inset fire unit not only surprises with its free floating flame and smoke effect, its modest size and variable flame intensity make it highly suitable for ‘endlessly’ creative interior solutions: placed as a single unit in a table or inside a gas or wood fireplace, or as a line of fire by simply putting several units alongside each other. The only connection you need is 230V. Just fill the reservoir with fresh water and click on the remote for hours of cosy ambiance, over and over again.
  • Easy-fill water tank, offers around 8-10 hours of continuous operation before refilling is required
  • View of the fire from 4 sides
  • Newly developed with LED lights for lower power consumption with a longer service life
  • Crackling logs sound effects with adjustable volume

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Oxhakë Elektrike

Cassette 400/600 LED

Detaje teknike



Tipi i ndezjës

Elektronik (Pult)


125 Watt

Efekt zërit:


Nivelim zjarri:







Dru, Pjatë metalikë


40.7 x 17.6 x 22.0 cm

Dimesionet (Logset 600):

56.4 x 17.6 x 22.0 cm

Mesmerizing flame effect

Optimyst Fires

Experience the captivating beauty of Optimyst fires with their mesmerizing flame effect. Through advanced technology, these fires create a three-dimensional, smokeless flame that dances and flickers just like a real fire. The stunning visual display adds elegance to any living space, providing an immersive experience that will leave you entranced.

Peace of mind in every detail


Safety is at the forefront with Optimyst fires. These fires are engineered with innovative features to ensure a high level of safety throughout their operation. Without real flames or combustible materials, the risk of accidental fires or burns is eliminated, providing you with a worry-free environment to enjoy the comforting glow of a fire.

Simple Controls for an Intuitive Experience

Ease of use

Simplify your experience with Optimyst fires, which are designed to be incredibly user-friendly. With straightforward controls and intuitive features, operating these fires is a breeze. Adjust the flame height and fire effect effortlessly using the remote control from the comfort of your couch. Enjoy the convenience of creating the perfect ambiance without any complicated setup or maintenance.

Creating Enchanting Atmospheres


Transform your living space into a haven of charm with Optimyst fires. The magical atmosphere created by these fires will leave a lasting impression. Whether you want to unwind, entertain guests, or enjoy a peaceful evening alone, the ambiance provided by Optimyst fires adds a touch of relaxation and elegance. Elevate the atmosphere of your home effortlessly with Optimyst fires.

Advanced Antimicrobial Technology with Optimyst

Antimicrobial Treatment

All internal components of Optimyst that are in contact with water, feature antimicrobial technology, that inhibits the growth of a wide range of bacteria by up to 99.99%. The product protection is effective for the useful lifetime of the product. Its performance has been independently tested to ISO 22196 standard.